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Strenghtening Local Capacity

In 2018, FEMA’s Region 3 team and the Resilient Nation Partnership Network helped establish the Lackawanna County Flood Risk Coalition. This effort helped community members understand mapping updates and changes to flood risk. This local working group excelled due to participation from local organizations and the support of RNPN partners. This locally based group established its core membership base, convened local expertise, built credibility with the community, and expanded awareness of flood risk. The Coalition was essential in increasing community-wide awareness and participation at public meetings and Open Houses at the end of 2019 and early 2020.

The Lackawanna County Flood Risk Coalition discusses local flood risks with members of the community at a local event in Lackawanna County, PA.
The Lackawanna County Flood Risk Coalition engages members of the community at a local event.
Last updated September 29, 2021