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Mitigation eGrants System: Blank Applications

This page provides the blank applications that follow the Mitigation eGrants system format. The blank applications are also available from the Print Blank Applications link on the eGrants Homepage after you log into the Mitigation eGrants system. 

Blank applications are available for reference only.  FEMA requires all Pre-Disaster Mitigation (PDM) and Flood Mitigation Assistance (FMA) grant applications to be submitted via the Mitigation eGrants system through the FEMA Grants Portal on the internet:

  • Mitigation planning activities must be submitted in a planning subgrant application;
  • Mitigation project activities in a project subgrant application; 
  • Applicant management costs (for Grant Applicant users only) in a management costs subgrant application;
  • Technical Assistance for FMA grants (for Grant Applicant users only) in a technical assistance subgrant application.
  • Applicants also may require their Subapplicants to submit a project pre-application for approval prior to submitting a project subgrant application. 

If a Subapplicant cannot use the eGrants system to submit subapplications, then the Grant Applicant user must enter the paper subapplication(s) into the eGrants system on the Subapplicant’s behalf.  Using a blank application ensures that all of the necessary information is provided to the Grant Applicant user for input into the eGrants External System. 

Click on an application link below to see the blank application available from the FEMA Library:

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12/17/2019 - 11:23