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Additional Guidance for CHECK-RAS, Version 1.4

There are some known problems with CHECK-RAS, Version 1.4, resulting in some user difficulty with the software. This page describes the known problems and presents possible solutions to help users avoid and/or deal with problems should they arise.

If you are having a problem with CHECK-RAS, Version 1.4, that is not addressed on this page, please visit our Software Help Page so that the issue can be reviewed and handled in an appropriate manner.

Users please note, cHECk-RAS Version 2.0.1 is available that may resolve some of these issues. To view the most recent version of cHECk-RAS, visit the cHECk-RAS Homepage for more details and user instructions.

CHECK-RAS, Version 1.4 Software Issues

question Problem 1: CHECK-RAS will not run if a stream does not have a reach name.

solution Solution: Assign a reach name when drawing the schematic diagram.

question Problem 2: The FW SW 04 message is printed when the total conveyance of the floodway profile and the natural profile are the same.

solution Solution: If the total conveyances are the same, ignore the message.

question Problem 3: When extracting data from a HEC-RAS file, the error "checkras id <> csid" followed by "Error: data extract" appears and the program stops extracting the data.

solution Solution: This problem occurs as a result of one of the following reasons:

  1. The Summary of Errors, Warnings and Notes box was checked in the Report Generator window in HEC-RAS. This box should be unchecked, or
  2. When installing CHECK-RAS from the web site, the user must follow the instructions completely. The following lists the steps to be followed by the user.
  • The old CHECK-RAS user table must be removed from the HEC-RAS User Table area.
  • There must be one user-defined table, other than the RASPLOT user table, left in the User Table area.
  • Save the plan file, geometric file and flow file before running HEC-RAS. Run HEC-RAS before running CHECK-RAS.
  • From the main menu, go to View/Profile Summary Table. Make sure that "Include Node Names in Table" and "Include Profile Name in Table" are NOT selected from the Options drop-down menu of the Profile Output Table in HEC-RAS.
  • Do not generate report files from HEC-RAS when you want to check the HEC-RAS files with CHECK-RAS for the first time. Delete the report file (the file with the extension rep) in the directory where the HEC-RAS files reside, if there is one.
  • After running HEC-RAS, run CHECK-RAS. Click the "open" button in the CHECK-RAS main window and select the HEC-RAS project. Click the "extract" button. Click Yes to the message "The report file is missing. You need to create the report file". At this time, The CHECK-RAS program will insert the CHECK-RAS user table into HEC-RAS. Do not create a CHECK-RAS user table by yourself.
  • The HEC-RAS main window will appear, click on the File menu, and scroll down to select "Generate Report".
  • "CHECK-RAS" should appear in the Selected Summary Tables box. If it does not appear, scroll down using the arrow in the Available Summary Tables box to select "CHECK-RAS".
  • Click the "Generate Report" button and then the "Close" button.
  • Click on the File menu and click "Save Project".
  • Close the HEC-RAS main window and click the "extract" button from the CHECK-RAS main window.

The steps outlined in bold are the most frequent problems. Often the bolded step was accidentally skipped. 

After the CHECK-RAS program installs the CHECK-RAS user table into HEC-RAS, the user can generate report file in HEC-RAS. However, after closing the Report Generator window, the user must click on the File menu and click "Save Project" before closing the HEC-RAS main window.

question Problem 4: Is CHECK-RAS compatible with Windows XP?

solution Solution: CHECK-RAS version 1.4 is compatible with Windows 98, NT, 2000 and XP.

question Problem 5: Regardless of whether the CHECK-RAS User's Manual is downloaded or Acrobat Reader is used directly from the website, the graphics are not available. When trying to download or open Acrobat Reader, the error message "Could not find colorspace named 'Cs8"appears.

solution Solution: The user needs to use the latest version of Adobe Reader to view the file. Using an earlier version of Acrobat Reader will often result in file display problems. To find out which version of the Reader that you have, open Acrobat Reader by clicking on the program icon on your desktop. If you don't have a desktop icon for the application, you can also launch the program from the Start menu. The program should be located at "Start > Programs > Acrobat Reader." After the program opens, select "About Acrobat Reader" from the "Help" menu to view the application version information. If you don't have the latest version of Adobe Reader on your system, download the free Adobe Reader upgrade.

The following are known problems and will be resolved in the next release.

question Problem 6: CONSPAN entrance loss coefficients need to be included.

question Problem 7: HEC-RAS 3.1.2 does not allow the user to insert encroachment method at the structures from the Steady Flow Analysis/Options/Encroachments window. The floodway message must be corrected.

question Problem 8: Although CHECK-RAS can extract data from SI unit files of HEC-RAS version 3.1.2, it shows zero discharge values under Q Total column in XS Check report. It also shows "Type of Flow Unknown" message at structures in Structure Check report. CHECK-RAS should not be used for the SI unit files of HEC-RAS version 3.1.2.

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