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A-4: How to provide relevant and helpful support Documentation

If you answered “yes” to Section A, Question 1, there are several things items you should attach to your application as support documentation.

First, include the address and original date of construction for each building or structure fifty years or older that is part of your project or in close proximity to your project and indicate how you determined the date of construction. If this information is provided somewhere else in your application or as an attachment, please comment to that effect in the comments area of Section A of the PDM Environmental and Historic Preservation Questions.

Second, attach a minimum of two color photographs showing at least three sides of each building or structure fifty years or older that will be affected or is in close proximity to your project to your application. The resolution of most digital cameras is sufficient to document the nature of the structure. It is important to clearly label your photographs and indicate the compass direction in which the photograph is being taken.

Third, attach a tax map (available from most municipality or county governments), a 1:24,000 scale USGS topographic map, or other scaled diagram showing the location of the identified buildings or structures relative to the project area. All of the structures and the project area must be marked clearly on the map.

Fourth, attach a narrative, describing the results of the information gathered, including:

  • a list significant events in the history of the structure
  • the names and brief histories of any notable persons associated with the structure
  • comments about the integrity of the structure
  • comments about the setting of the structure
  • a description of the materials used in the construction of the structure and any notable workmanship
  • a description of any elements of the structure that have architectural significance

Finally, attach documentation of your contact with the SHPO, THPO, or local agency/organization, including:

  • scanned and attached copies of response letters, faxes, or emails
  • summaries of relevant telephone conversations
  • the status of any outstanding correspondence


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