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Continuity Excellence Series - Level II Master Continuity Practitioner Requirements

The Level II program provides a training structure ideal to enable experienced continuity professionals to deepen their knowledge to become leaders in driving continuity concepts in their organizations. Courses are designed to offer intensive training in planning, evaluation and continuity instructional delivery. Candidates for the Level II designation must complete a teaching requirement in order to obtain this advanced qualification.

Complete ALL of the following:

  • IS 130a: How to be an Exercise Evaluator OR E 132 (limited to EMI Resident MEPP candidates) OR G130 Exercise Evaluation
  • IS 240.b OR equivalent E/L/G course: Leadership and Influence
  • IS 551: Devolution Planning Workshop
  • IS 156: Building Design for Homeland Security Course for Continuity of Operations

Complete ONE of the following:

  • PER 266: Instructor Training Certification (ITC)
  • E/L/G 141: Instructional Presentation & Evaluation Skills Course
  • MGT 323: Instructor Development Workshop

Complete ONE of the following:

For those seeking completion of Level 2 and not wishing to be an instructor:

  • Capstone Presentation

For prospective instructors:

Assist instructing ONE of the following

  • E/L/K 1302: Continuity Program Management
  • E/L/K 1301: Continuity Planning
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Please contact for more information on completing this requirement.

Applicants for the Master Continuity Practitioner's CES - Level II must attain the following:

  • Obtain a CES—Level I, Professional Continuity Practitioner qualification
  • Pass a Written Comprehensive Exam
    • 150 Questions
    • 70 percent Required Score to Pass
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Applicants are eligible to take the comprehensive exam once they have completed all Level I and Level II requirements. Please contact for more information on the examination.

NOTE: Previous EMI Course Versions are acceptable.

Continuity Training Videos

The Continuity of Operations: What You Need to Know video introduces continuity managers to the concept of interconnectivity of organizations and the importance of preparedness and resiliency at all levels to ensure core capabilities and essential functions continue under an all-hazards environment.

The Stepping into Their Shoes: Gaining Leadership Buy-In for Continuity video introduces continuity managers to tools that impart soft skills for leadership communications and understanding, as well as tailored facts and available resources needed to feel comfortable and knowledgeable enough to frame resonating conversations with senior leadership about continuity and its benefits.