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FEMA Region 8 office, located in Denver, Colorado oversees federal emergency management for 29 Tribal Nations and the following states:

FEMA In Your Community Stories

FEMA Region 8 staff are working every day to support our six states and 29 tribal nations.  We provide needed support to communities that have suffered from disasters, but there are also numerous other activities you may not even know that FEMA is involved in.  Here, you can learn more about what we are doing in your community. You can also follow us on Twitter and look for the hashtag #FEMAIYC.

Oct. 18, 2021
FEMA Shares in Hart Award Win

August 23, 2021
Reading, Writing, Arithmetic... and Mitigation

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Environmental Planning and Historic Preservation

Potential impacts to the environment and cultural resources must be considered when a community applies for FEMA funding through Public AssistanceHazard Mitigation Assistance and Preparedness Grants.

Risk Mapping, Assessment and Planning (Risk MAP)

Risk Mapping, Assessment and Planning (Risk MAP) is a national FEMA program that works with states, tribes, territories and local communities to evaluate and better understand their current flood risk, as well as the actions that can be taken to mitigate and become more resilient against future risk.


FEMA Region 8 has developed a number of documents to provide useful information to the public on topics such as hazard mitigation and emergency preparedness. The region also creates reports and studies following major disaster events. 

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NFIP Flood Mapping Projects

FEMA works with communities throughout Region 8 to update and improve flood maps to provide the best flood risk information available. This allows communities and individuals to make informed decisions regarding where and how to build in a way that protects lives and property.

One of the final steps in the mapping process is a release of preliminary maps for all in the community to review.  With this release, there is a 90-day appeal period, during which community members can appeal flood hazard information that they believe is in error.

Appeal packages must be submitted during the 90-day appeal period. Appeals must have supporting scientific or engineering data that show the information on the preliminary maps to be incorrect.

Visit FloodMaps for further details on the process.

Preliminary mapping also may be viewed on FEMA’s Map Service Center.

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View 90-day appeal periods for Colorado, Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota, Utah and Wyoming.

FEMA ArtWorks Program

The FEMA ArtWorks program is designed to raise risk awareness and start dialogues on the need and value of flood mitigation. The program does this through partnerships between FEMA, artists, and local communities. The partners share the goal of communicating the importance of mitigation to reduce risk by using information people can relate to in a personal way.

Community Forms

The first project completed under the FEMA ArtWorks banner supported by Region 8, Community Forms is an art installation that serves as both a community gathering space and a means to redirect stormwater.

View Community Forms Fact Sheet

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Nancy Dragani

Nancy Dragani
Regional Administrator

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Katherine Fox

Katherine Fox
Deputy Regional Administrator

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Regional News and Information

PIERRE, S.D. – Das wird mir nicht passieren.

Viele Bürger von South Dakota glauben, dass sie keine Überschwemmungsversicherung brauchen. Ihr Haus wurde noch nie überflutet. Sie leben in einer Zone mit niedrigem Überschwemmungsrisiko.

illustration of page of paper Press Release | März 18, 2021

PIERRE, S.D. – Die Krisenberatung steht zur Verfügung, um den Bürgern von South Dakota zu helfen, die von den Überflutungen in diesem Jahr betroffen waren.

illustration of page of paper Press Release | März 18, 2021

PIERRE, S.D. – Bürger von South Dakota, die in Gemeinden leben, die von den schweren Winterstürmen und Überflutungen beeinträchtigt wurden, haben nur noch eine Woche Zeit, sich für die staatliche Katastrophenhilfe zu bewerben.

illustration of page of paper Press Release | März 18, 2021