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National Business Emergency Operations Center

FEMA’s National Business Emergency Operations Center (NBEOC) coordinates and enhances information-sharing among government partners and business, industry, and infrastructure organizations — before, during, and after disasters.

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The NBEOC has no authority to enter into contracts or conduct procurement on behalf of FEMA or the federal government.


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Whether it’s before, during or after a disaster, businesses can reach out to FEMA’s Office of Business, Industry and Infrastructure Integration’s National Business Emergency Operations Center, (NBEOC).

What We Do

  • Engage critical business, industry, and infrastructure organizations to support disaster response and recovery operations.
  • Support state, local, tribal, and territorial governments throughout the disaster lifecycle by connecting them to their FEMA regional office and the NBEOC’s national network of business and industry organizations.
  • Understand business and industry operating status throughout the disaster lifecycle and support economic and supply chain resilience.
  • Operationalize business and industry organizations to support community lifeline stabilization and supply chain resilience, in partnership with the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) when Emergency Support Function (ESF) #14 (Cross-Sector Business and Infrastructure) is activated.

Benefits of Membership

NBEOC Dashboard: A web-based portal that provides real-time information including the latest incident updates, situation-targeted preparedness messaging, response and recovery resources, and appropriate government points of contact.

NBEOC Service Desk: The service desk provides a single customer portal so NBEOC members can communicate, track information meeting requests and submit offers of support.

Training: The FEMA National Preparedness training and education page provides an overview of emergency management training opportunities available at the Emergency Management Institute, Center for Domestic Preparedness and the National Training and Education Division.

Business Preparedness: Ready Business provides tools and resources for businesses to prepare in advance for disaster.

Business and Industry Coordination Calls: NBEOC members can engage in monthly forums to promote preparedness and information sharing. For heightened situational awareness in response to specific incidents, ESF #14 situational awareness calls occur more frequently during disaster activations.

Other Ways to Get Involved

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Sending Donations After a Disaster

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