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Resilient Nation Partnership Network

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The Resilient Nation Partnership Network (RNPN) represents a diverse network of voices united in their commitment to help communities act and become more resilient toward natural disasters and climate-related events. What started as a handful of like-minded individuals has flourished to over 1,600 organizations represented. Our mission is to inform, educate, and motivate communities to protect themselves from the loss of life, property, and prosperity as a result of natural hazards.

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Building Alliances: Stories of Inclusion, Climate Action and Equity

The Resilient Nation Partnership Network announced the final installment of the Building Alliances series. The “Building Alliances: Stories of Inclusion, Climate Action and Equity is a collaboration with our partners in equity and resilience. ” As we shift from the “Building Alliances” series, the stories of the last three years found in this resource is a foundation to adopt and advance equitable and inclusive resilient practices.

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It wasn’t long ago the Resilient Nation Partnership Network was simply an idea. How do we develop a network that can drive actionable change to build a resilient nation? In 2015, the RNPN was formed to cultivate relationships with non-traditional organizations, bring new voices to the table, and advance the resilience conversation.

We all have a stake in creating a more equitable and resilient nation. None of us can do it alone. By placing the success of the whole community first and foremost, our impact as a network continues to grow and strengthen.

Our Priorities

The Resilient Nation Partnership Network is driven by three central priorities which influence our work, partnerships, programming and strategic goals.

  1. Promoting natural hazard mitigation and climate adaptation actions.
  2. Advancing equitable resilience initiatives.
  3. Expanding capacity through partnerships.

Join the Movement

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Interested in joining or learning more? The RNPN is an opt-in, peer-to-peer network founded on leveraging knowledge to advance action around our three priorities. We don’t require a formal agreement with our partners. All we ask for is your participation, motivation and collaboration. Working together in collective ways and harnessing the power of many is more impactful than acting alone.

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RNPN partners and those interested in becoming part of the network have the opportunity to participate in frequent events and the RNPN Annual Partnership Forum.

Learn more about how you can benefit from the knowledge and partners in the RNPN.

Building Alliances

Alliances built at the Resilient Nation Partnership Network among partners help drive action at the national, state, local, tribal, and territorial levels. These collaborations work toward improving equity and resilience.

Learn more about how we collectively address some of the most pressing challenges facing our nation today.


Throughout the year, the RNPN co-creates a variety of materials to help share the vast knowledge represented in the network, as well as reflect on learnings from our partner events.

Check out our newsletters, insights and reflections, and other co-created materials.