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FEMA Pilot Center Gives Marylanders New Vaccination Option

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Release Date:
mars 31, 2021

PHILADELPHIA Marylanders will soon have another venue where they can receive COVID-19 vaccinations: a FEMA-operated community vaccination center in Prince George’s County.

The Federal Pilot Community Vaccination Center (CVC) Maryland will be located at the Greenbelt Metro Station, 5717 Greenbelt Metro Dr., Greenbelt, MD 20740. It will open April 7, with its schedule to be determined. As more vaccine doses become available, the center’s capacity is expected to be up to 3,000 shots per day.

“From the start of the vaccination mission, the federal government has committed itself to ensuring safe, equitable and efficient vaccinations for all Americans,” said FEMA Region 3 Acting Regional Administrator Janice Barlow. “We consider this mission a trust and an honor to carry out. Here in Maryland, as throughout the United States, we will make sure every resident who wants a vaccination can get one.”

"The state's commitment to vaccine equity for vulnerable and underserved people has remained steadfast, and we are excited about having this new center available to Marylanders,” said Acting Maryland Department of Health Secretary Dennis R. Schrader. "Our goal is to make a vaccine available to every Marylander who wants one, and this gives us one more way to reach people.”

FEMA will have socially distanced staff on site to ensure prompt service is available to all and that proper COVID-19 protocol is adhered to. Translation and interpretation services will be available for people whose primary language is not English, and who are deaf or have hearing loss.

Early in the unprecedented global emergency, FEMA engaged with its government and private sector partners to help facilitate this vaccine mission. With FEMA’s support, Maryland has opened mass vaccination sites that serve all eligible Marylanders, including vulnerable and historically underserved groups. Marylanders interested in receiving a vaccination can pre-register online at or by calling 1-855-MD-GoVAX.

“Maryland has worked tirelessly to serve all of its citizens in this time of need,” Barlow said. “We are proud to partner with them. Even though this new center is a federal venture, we coordinated with Maryland as to the best location to serve the most people in need. We will continue to work closely with Maryland to achieve everyone’s goal: ending the pandemic.”          


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