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California: Nature-Based Mitigation for Megafires

Benefits: Mitigates wildfire risks to life, property, and the environment.

Massachusetts: Central Street Bridge Improvements and Sawmill Brook Restoration, Culvert Retrofit and Restoration Project

Benefits: Mitigates for a projected increase in flood conditions and restores natural wetland habitat.

Washington, D.C.: Saint Elizabeth’s Hospital Campus and D.C. Emergency Communications Microgrid Project

Benefits: Safeguards access to health care and emergency services during severe storms and disasters.

South Carolina: Resilient Water Supply Project

Benefits: Ensures water treatment plant supply during flooding events.

North Carolina: Town of Princeville Relocation Project

Benefits: Alleviates repetitive flood loss to critical lifeline utilities and emergency support services.

Washington: Vertical Evacuation Structure

Benefits: Provides evacuation shelter for population to escape tsunamis.

Washington: Waste Transfer Station Flood Mitigation Project

Benefits: Protects local water supply from contamination.

North Carolina: Wastewater Treatment Facility Hardening and Stream Restoration

Benefits: Protects wastewater treatment facility.

New Jersey: Hudson River Floodwall Infrastructure and Resilience Park Project

Benefits: Reduces storm surge flooding for highly populated, dense urban-coastal communities.