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Reasonable Accommodations for Employees and Job Applicants

FEMA provides reasonable accommodation to meet the needs of employees and job applicants.

A reasonable accommodation is a change in the work environment or in work processes that enables a qualified individual with a disability to enjoy equal employment opportunities. The goals of reasonable accommodations are to address barriers created by disabilities or functional limitations.

Who Can Request a Reasonable Accommodation?

Qualified individuals with a disability can request reasonable accommodations. To qualify, a FEMA employee or job applicant must:

  • Have a physical or mental impairment that substantially limits one or more major life activities, have a record of such an impairment, or be regarded as having such an impairment;
  • Satisfy the requisite skill, experience, education, and other job-related requirements of the position; and
  • Be able to perform the essential functions of the position, either with or without reasonable accommodation.

Reasonable Accommodation Requests

If you are a FEMA employee and believe you qualify for a reasonable accommodation, you can submit a reasonable accommodation request.

The Office of Civil Rights facilitates the timely processing of reasonable accommodation requests consistent with all relevant statutes, regulations, Equal Employment Opportunity Commission guidance, case law, and the FEMA Reasonable Accommodation Policy. The Office of Civil Rights provides neutral, authoritative guidance on the process.

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For more information, including how to request a reasonable accommodation, please email the FEMA Office of Civil Rights.