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Community Recovery Management Toolkit

The Community Recovery Management Toolkit is designed to help communities manage recovery. The toolkit guides you through a three-step process of organizing, planning and managing recovery, while also giving you resources from other recovery support functions.

Part 1: Organizing

Organize local leadership, involving the local community, and coordinating among community stakeholders.

Part 2: Planning

Help communities assess local needs, create a plan and determine which projects best support the community’s future vision and priorities.

Part 3: Managing

Assist local leadership in managing staffing, financing and leveraging resources to support recovery strategy implementation.

Important Resources

  1. Effective Coordination of Recovery Resources to State, Tribal, Territorial, and Local Incidents
  2. Local Disaster Recovery Managers (LDRM)
  3. FEMA Procurement Toolbox Series: Local and Indian Tribal Government Requirements of 44 C.F.R. §13.36
  4. Top 10 Procurement Under Grant Mistakes Leading to Audits and Potential Loss of FEMA Public Assistance Funding
  5. Searchable Resources for Community Leaders from