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Technical Mapping Advisory Council Stakeholder Engagement Program

Beginning in 2020, the Technical Mapping Advisory Council (TMAC) was asked to work with National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) stakeholders to provide feedback on programmatic insights, obstacles, opportunities, and roles for stakeholders across all elements of the program.

Beginning with a general stakeholder survey, and then moving towards more targeted focus groups, the TMAC was able to gather and process significant feedback on the program that in turn helped inform the writing of the 2020 TMAC Annual Report. This report was presented to the FEMA Administrator and is available online

Thanks to the success of the 2020 TMAC stakeholder engagement efforts, the TMAC has again been charged in 2021 to continue to work with NFIP stakeholders to gather stakeholder insights. These findings will be used to support the TMAC as it looks to develop recommendations on the future of the program as part of the 2021 TMAC Annual Report.

Request Data and Information

Additional information on the 2020 stakeholder engagement efforts, including stakeholder data, is available upon request.

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