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Building Alliances

Now, more than ever, Whole Community partnerships will be critical in creating more resilient communities for present and future generations. Alliances built at the Resilient Nation Partnership Network among partners help drive action at the national, state, local, tribal, and territorial levels. These collaborations work toward improving equity and resilience.

Our many partners’ collaboration on the “Building Alliances” series demonstrates a commitment to a Whole Community approach as we collectively address some of the most pressing challenges facing our nation today.

Building Alliances for Climate Action

Building Alliances for Climate Action Advancing Climate Action Through Partnerships Coverpage

The Resilient Nation Partnership Network, NASA, and 36 partners are pleased to announce the release of “Building Alliances for Climate Action”. At a time when many are searching for direction on how to address the climate crisis, this co-created resource represents a unifying voice, providing partner perspectives, personal stories, insights and resources the Whole Community can use to address climate change.

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2021 Alliances for Climate Action Partnership Forum

The RNPN, FEMA and NASA co-hosted the sixth Annual Partnership Forum, Alliances for Climate Action. The series convened 37 speakers representing 31 organizations to explore the diverse approaches to building "Alliances for Climate Action."

Alliances for Climate Action

The recordings and topics for each week are available on FEMA’s YouTube channel:

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Building Alliances for Equitable Resilience

Building Alliances for Equitable Resilience frontpage.

The Resilient Nation Partnership Network is pleased to share Building Alliances for Equitable Resilience. This resource is the result of collaboration by 26 partners in the fields of equity and resilience. Readers will find guidance, perspectives, personal stories, resources and more.

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2020 Alliances for Equity Partnership Forum

The RNPN, FEMA, and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration co-hosted the fifth Annual Partnership Forum, Alliances for Equity. The series convened 33 speakers representing 28 organizations to discuss challenges and actions to build a more equitable and resilient future.

Alliance for Equity Virtual Forum Seris

Recordings of each session are available on FEMA’s YouTube channel.