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Press Releases

Texas homeowners and renters in 18 additional counties who suffered damage from the winter storm that recently struck Texas may now apply for disaster assistance with FEMA.
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Last week’s winter storms wreaked havoc on communities across Texas. To make the most of your contributions, consider these tips for donating and volunteering responsibly.
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If you received a letter from FEMA that says you’re ineligible for help or that there is “no decision,” read the letter carefully. FEMA may need additional information from you to continue processing your application.
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 DENTON Texas – يحثُّ مسؤولو مساعدات التعافي الفيدرالية ومساعدات الولاية المشرفين المنوطين بحالات الكوارث على مراقبة الأنشطة المشتبه فيها أو أي من حالات التزوير والغش المُحتملة وال

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