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Risk Management

Use these resources to identify, assess and prioritize possible risks and minimize potential losses.

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Make a plan to minimizing the impact of disasters using Hazard Mitigation resources.

Tools for Hazard Resilience

Get the latest information to protect yourself from earthquakes.

Learn how to reduce the impacts from windstorms.

Access the National Risk Index data and resources.

Resources for training, grants and data.

Access tools to assist in hurricane evacuation planning and response.

Building Safe Spaces

Explore materials with building codes, seismic and wind design requirements and floodproofing.

FEMA’s landmark study, Building Codes Save: A Nationwide Study, shows that modern building codes lead to major reduction in property losses from natural disasters. Over a 20-year period, cities and counties with modern building codes would avoid at least $32 billion in losses from natural disasters, when compared to jurisdictions without modern building codes.

Learn how to build a hardened structure designed provide near-absolute protection in extreme weather events.

Education and Innovation for Mitigating Risk

We can build resilient communities by engaging audiences in interactive ways, such as through education, arts and experiential learning. These resources and examples can raise awareness about resilience in an accessible way.

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Please emails us if you would like to receive access to the files of the coloring books designed for mass printing.

Dam Safety with Beaverly

Picture is a drawing of the Dam Safety coloring book, featuring a cartoon beaver wearing a safety vest and helmet, standing next to a sign and a dam.

FEMA has created the Dam Safety with Beaverly coloring book to help you and your children or young students learn more about dams and how to stay safe around them.

Download the Dam Safety Coloring Book

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“Safer Communities” Coloring Book Series

"My Tall House" coloring book cover with an elevated house with a ramp for a boy sitting in a wheelchair.

The “Safer Communities” coloring book series teaches children ages 4 to 7 about mitigation solutions in a fun and easily understandable way.

Each book includes:

  • A short narrative about how to make homes and communities safer.
  • A glossary of terms to help expand vocabulary.
  • Activities that can be done with an adult.

Download the “Safer Communities” Coloring Book

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Descargue el Cuaderno de colorear

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FEMA hopes parents, teachers and guardians will use this coloring book with children and students to instill a lifelong curiosity about mitigation and resilience. 

Previous Books in the Series

Building Codes Activity Book

FEMA has created this activity book to help you learn more about how building codes help protect our communities against natural hazards. By using natural hazard-resistant building codes, communities are better prepared for events such as earthquakes, storms, floods, or fires. This book includes several pages of activities and learning for you to complete.

Download the Building Codes Activity Book

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Building Code Winter Activity Sheet

Cover of building code winter activity sheet showing people building a snow fort

FEMA has created this activity sheet intended to inform and engage children about building codes. The front side is a short story about constructing a snow fort and the backside has a maze, snowman matching, and a design your own snow globe. 

Download the Building Code Winter Activity Sheet

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Three Little Pigs Activity Sheet

Screenshot of activity download tells the story of the three little pigs. Picture has text with the written story, the three pigs, and the wolf.

“How the Three Little Pigs Could Have Saved Their Homes” is a short story and accompanying activity sheet intended to inform and engage children about building codes. The front side is a story following the typical structure of the Three Little Pigs, and the backside has a spot the difference activity, maze, and word search.

Download the Three Little Pigs Activity Sheet

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All Hazards Posters

This is a thumbnail image showing several all hazards posters.

These full-color posters are 11 inches by 17 inches. They cover natural hazards from avalanche to wildfire. Each one lays out causes and impacts in plain language. They also provide useful tips to reduce risk. Each poster is available in English and Spanish.

Download in English

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Descargar en español

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Arts and Experiential Learning Inspiration Book

Inspiration Book: Arts and Experiential Learning

The Inspiration Book is a resource for FEMA, its partners and communities. It can help them discuss ways to build resilience through arts and experiential learning. These use sights, sounds, motions and emotions to motivate. They let us use community identity and culture to spark change in ways data alone cannot.

Download the Book

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Guide to Expanding Mitigation: Connecting Mitigation and Arts and Culture

Guide to Expanding Mitigation Cover Page

The Guides to Expanding Mitigation are part of a series designed to highlight innovative and emerging partnerships for mitigation. 

Download the Booklet

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