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Stories of Resilience: Voices that Inspire

Stories of Resilience connects communities across the country through personal narratives with one goal: building a more resilient nation.

We want to learn more about your journey towards climate and natural hazard resilience. Sharing your wins and challenges can help others learn from your experience.

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What Resilience Looks Like

Resilience can look different based on where you live. Here are some ways communities have made themselves more resilient to hazards:

Share Your Resilience Story

You can submit photos, video, audio or text about your climate resilience journey.

Here are some tips to help you submit a great story:

  • Try to tell your audio or video story in under 3 minutes (due to upload abilities).
  • Share your personal perspective. You are what makes the story unique! Tell us, in your own words, about your journey towards resilience.
  • Think about submitting photos with your story.
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Ready to Share?

Email your content and release form. Make sure to include your name and organization.

If your file is large, please email the contact box first to identify the best way to submit.

Story Ideas

  • Describe a time you or your community overcame a natural hazard or climate resilience challenge.
  • Share how you work together with partners or others in your community to build resilience.
  • Highlight obstacles or challenges that stop you or your community from growing more resilient.
  • Share where you are and where you want to be on your journey to resilience.
  • Outline your community’s vision of equitable resilience.

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