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Three Forks City, Montana: $4.15 Million

Proposed communitywide mitigation solution that will counter the effects of climate change, protect nearly 1,000 structures from flooding, and yield multiple ancillary benefits.

Somerset County, New Jersey: $6.75 Million

Homeowners impacted by the stress, financial loss and loss of quality of life are willing to sell their homes and move away from the constant flooding in their community.

Oldham County, Kentucky: $1.01 Million

Reconstruction after flood loss help homeowners get back to their lives.

Mecklenburg County, North Carolina: $570,189

North Carolina’s annual heavy rains cause repetitive flooding to homes in Mecklenburg County.

Jefferson County, Texas: $3.43 Million

Repetitive flooding events call for draining improvements to address water in area homes.

Houston, Texas: $5.12 Million

The city of Houston works with homeowners to mitigate homes in accordance with applicable codes and standards to prevent and protect homes from future flood risk.

Esplanade Gardens, New York: $600,000

A highly vulnerable coastal community will gain improvements through improving a local seawall to reduce National Flood Insurance Program claims and protect this disadvantaged community with an adaptive flood protection system.

Cranford Township, New Jersey: $3.67 Million

Cranford Township, a community that voluntary participate in the Community Rating System (CRS) , leverages their Union County Multi-Jurisdictional Hazard Mitigation Plan to identify structures to elevate which benefit the whole community.

Baton Rouge, Louisiana: $14.64 Million

Improving the ecological health of Louisiana State University’s six lakes will improve water flows and decrease flooding.

Atlantic City, New Jersey: $5.12 Million

Community flood control project improves 100-year flood control system for a disadvantaged community