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Paper Application Forms for Letter of Map Changes

MT-EZ Form

MT-1 Form

MT-2 Form

Endangered Species Act Requirements

Mailing Address & Fees

You may complete your Letter of Map Change request by sending paper forms by mail. There are three forms for different kinds of requests: MT-EZ, MT-1 and MT-2.

You may also submit your applications online using FEMA's Online LOMA application.

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Looking for other paper forms? Visit the National Flood Insurance Program's form library.

Endangered Species Act (ESA) Requirements

For Letter of Map Change Requests (LOMCs) involving floodplain activities that have already occurred, private individuals and local and state jurisdictions are required to comply with the Endangered Species Act (ESA) requirements independent of FEMA’s review.

These as-built requests do not provide the same opportunity as Conditional LOMCs for FEMA to comment on the project because map changes are issued only after the physical action has occurred.

MT-EZ Form

Application Form for Single Residential Lot or Structure Amendments to National Flood Insurance Program Maps

(Condensed Version of the MT-1 Form)

This form should be used to request that FEMA remove a single structure or a legally recorded parcel of land or portions thereof, described by metes and bounds certified by a Registered Professional Engineer or Licensed Land Surveyor, from a designated Special Flood Hazard Area (SFHA), an area that would be inundated by the flood having a 1-percent-annual-chance of being equaled or exceeded in any given year (base flood), via Letter of Map Amendment (LOMA). A LOMA is a letter from FEMA stating that an existing structure or parcel of land that has not been elevated by fill (i.e. the existing structure or parcel of land is on natural grade) would not be inundated by the base flood. Fill is defined as material placed to raise the ground to or above the Base Flood Elevation.

View Instructions and Download MT-EZ

Tutorial for Completing MT-EZ

MT-1 Form

Application Forms for Conditional and Final Letters of Map Amendment and Letters of Map Revision Based on Fill

(For all LOMA, CLOMA, LOMR-F and CLOMR-F Requests)

This form should be used to assist requesters (community officials, individual property owners and others) in gathering the information that FEMA needs to determine whether property (i.e., structure(s), parcel(s) of land) is likely to be flooded during the flood event that has a 1-percent chance of being equaled or exceeded in any given year (base or 100-year, flood). Lands that are at risk of being inundated by the base flood are called Special Flood Hazard Areas or SFHAs.

The forms in this package may be used for property that has been inadvertently included in a V zone or the regulatory floodway. However, if the property is to be removed from a V zone, it must not be located seaward of the landward toe of the primary frontal dune.

View Instructions and Download MT-1

Tutorial for Completing MT-1

MT-2 Form

Application Forms for Conditional Letters of Map Revision and Letters of Map Revision

(For all LOMR, CLOMR and PMR Requests)

This form should be used for revisions to effective FIS reports, FIRMs or FBFMs by individual and community requesters. These forms will provide FEMA with assurance that all pertinent data relating to the revision are included in the submittal. They also will ensure that: (a) the data and methodology are based on current conditions; (b) qualified professionals have assembled data and performed all necessary computations and (c) all individuals and organizations affected by proposed changes are aware of the changes and will have an opportunity to comment on them.

View Instructions and Download MT-2

Where To Send Requests And Fee Payments

The FEMA Payment Information Form is to accompany requests for MT-1 form (CLOMA, LOMR-F and CLOMR-F) or MT-2 form (CLOMR and LOMR) requests.

Please submit both the review and processing fee along with your application package for containing all required materials together to the following address:

LOMC Clearinghouse
3601 Eisenhower Avenue, Suite 500
Alexandria, VA 22304-6426

Status & Description Explanations

After you've submitted your forms, here are the statuses that describe where your application may stand in the LOMC process.

Received, Checking CompletenessEnsuring all initial data and/or fees have been received
Under ReviewReviewing technical data and supporting documentation
Awaiting Data/FeeAwaiting additional data and/or fees in support of request
Letter Sent - Effective DateThe date on which the LOMC for community goes into effect and all legal sanctions of the National Flood Insurance Program apply. The letter is effective on the date sent.
Letter Sent - Effective Date, Comment Period EndsThe LOMC will be effective 30 days after the issue date of the letter. Any requests to review or alter this determination should be made within 30 days and must be based on scientific or technical data.
Letter Sent - Effective Date, Appeal Period EndsThe LOMC will be effective 90 days after the issue date of the letter. Any requests to review or alter this determination should be made within 90 days and must be based on scientific or technical data.
DroppedAdditional data and/or fee was not received within the regulatory time frame, therefore, the processing of this case was suspended.