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Work with the National Flood Insurance Program

Resources listed below provide an overview of the National Flood Insurance Program's (NFIP) financials and offer guidance on conducting daily operations for existing and new NFIP sellers and servicers.

The Write-Your-Own (WYO) Program

The WYO Program began in 1983 and it is a cooperative undertaking between the private insurance industry and FEMA. The approximately 50 companies currently participating in the program sell and service the Standard Flood Insurance Policy in their own names. The companies receive an expense allowance for policies written and claims processed, while the federal government retains responsibility for underwriting losses. The WYO Program operates as part of the NFIP and is subject to its rules and requirements.

Many WYO companies contract with private companies that provide varying degrees of flood insurance operations support. However, FEMA determines the rates and coverage available under the NFIP, so there is no difference in what is offered by the WYO Companies and NFIP Direct, or other vendors.

Tools and Reports


Reinsurance is an important risk management tool used by insurance companies to protect themselves from large financial losses. The NFIP Reinsurance Program promotes private sector participation in flood-risk management. By securing reinsurance at a fair and reasonable cost, FEMA has an additional method to fund payment of flood claims after catastrophic flood events.

NFIP Transformation

NFIP has redesigned its pricing approach by leveraging industry best practices and current technology to deliver rates that are fairer, easier to understand, and better reflect a property’s unique flood risk.

Manuals and Handbooks

The NFIP issues multiple publications including the Flood Insurance Manual and Claims Manual, as well as WYO bulletins and other policy and guidance documents so that agents, underwriters, claims adjusters and other floods insurance stakeholders can provide a consistent customer experience across the nation.

Policy and Claims Data

To broaden understanding of the nation’s flood insurance program, FEMA publishes NFIP data. This data supplements existing NFIP data through OpenFEMA and provides additional data of interest to stakeholders.

Terminology Index

The NFIP terminology index is an alphabetical list of insurance and floodplain management terms, policies and their explanations.

Actuarial Rate Review

NFIP issued the Actuarial Rate Review to formally evaluate the adequacy of proposed flood insurance premium rates.

Community Status Book

The National Flood Insurance Program status of community in the declared counties is published in the NFIP Community Status Book.

Financial Statements

The Watermark is a quarterly report that provides transparency on the financial state of the NFIP.