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Continuity Resource Toolkit

Every day, individuals, organizations, communities and governments provide critical services and perform essential functions upon which the whole community depends. Continuity ensures the continuation of essential functions across a wide range of emergencies and disruptions and is a part of the fundamental mission of all organizations.

Continuity is the ability to provide uninterrupted critical services, essential functions, and support, while maintaining organizational viability, before, during and after an event that disrupts normal operations. 

Additional Resources

Review Continuity documents, and a list of authorities and references, such as Federal Continuity Directives.

Outreach and technical assistance offerings are available to non-federal partners, the private sector; non-governmental organizations, and critical infrastructure owners and operators.

The program works in partnership with FEMA’s Emergency Management Institute, FEMA Regions, and whole community stakeholders to manage, develop, and execute continuity training courses.

Resources and templates are available to help communities create continuity plans.

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Learn about the Continuity Excellence Series, two levels of training courses designed to address the full spectrum of requirements to support a viable continuity capability.