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This page has not been translated into Chuukese. Visit the Chuukese page for resources in that language.

Illinois Severe Storms and Flooding


Kinikinin fansoun a fis: Jun 29, 2023 - Jul 2, 2023

Ranin Apio: Aug 15, 2023

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Public Service Announcements

Visit FEMA's YouTube for videos in American Sign Language (ASL) on how to apply for disaster assistance.

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PDFs, Graphics & Multimedia
Help share important information about disaster recovery with your community such as how to apply and qualifying for assistance. Resources include social media graphics, flyers, announcer scripts for radio, accessible videos and animations in multiple languages.

Ifa usun omw kopwe aninis

Angang me Tupw

Forsefanin mi tongeni mangono on fite ier murin ewe osukosuk. Mi wor ekoch anen omw kopwe aninis awewe ren tupw moni, me pisek ika omw fansoun. Kaieo sopwosopwen porousen ifa usun kopwe anisi ekoch mi nit aninis.

Kosapw no ngeni ekewe neeni mi torir osukosuk. Ekewe organization mi nonomwochme non ekei neeni ra sinei ekewe neeni ra nit chon aninis. Angang fengen me ekei organization me fori fichi pwun en angei asukoonen tumwunoch, me sineien angangen aninisin aramas.

FEMA Voluntary Agency Liaisons (VALs) fori nefinemi me aramas me angang fengen me ekewe chon aninis, pekin namanam me mwichen organization non neeniach mi fori ar angang non fansoun osukosuk.

Forin business me FEMA

Ika en mi mochen awora omw angang epwe kamo me pisekin aninis, fisit ach ena Forin Business me FEMA paich pwun kopwe poputa.

Ika mi fen wor omw business ren pekin enimenimen neeni nge ka mochen aninis non ekei neeni, kose mochen kokori ewe mwuun non ewe neeni mi torir osukosuk.

Kaworen Moni

Aninisin Aramas Fite
Ukukun Aninisin Imw (HA) – Fite Dollars mi Aproof $246,847,305.34
Ukukun Aninisin Ekoch Wewe (ONA) – Fite Dollars mi Aproof $39,665,539.68
Ukukun Moni mi Aproof ren prokramen Aninisin Aramas & Chon non ewe Imw $286,512,845.02
Amasowen Aninisin Aramas a Aproof 74950
Aninisin Publik Fite
Emergency Work (Categories A-B) - Dollars Obligated $343,008.91
Total Public Assistance Grants Dollars Obligated $1,932,217.12