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Tools to Assist with FEMA Grants

FEMA grants require applicants and recipients to use various tools to apply for and manage their FEMA grants. Grants sometimes ask for specific information or research to be included in the application package. Use the tools below to help you complete your application and manage your grants.

Featured Tools

View a list of approved equipment types allowed under preparedness grant programs.

Use the benefit-cost analysis to demonstrate the cost effectiveness of your project.

Informational Bulletins provide stakeholders with administrative instructions and guidelines critical to supporting the effectiveness and efficient delivery of FEMA Preparedness Grant Programs, including policy updates.

Access checklists and other resources if your grant needs an Environmental & Historic Preservation review.

FEMA's Grants Management Technical Assistance (GMTA) Program administers this resource center for state, tribal, territorial, and local governments receiving Federal financial assistance. Explore the different stages of the grants lifecycle, as well as the resources associated with each.

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This Fact Sheet displays the FEMA standard terms and conditions for FY 2022. These standard terms and conditions apply to all non-disaster financial assistance awards funded in FY 2022.

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