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Mitigation Planning Policy Updates

On April 19, 2022, FEMA released updated state and local policies for hazard mitigation planning. The policies went into effect for all plan approvals on April 19, 2023. This means that all plans must meet the requirements of the updated policies.  The updated policiesare called the State Mitigation Planning Policy Guide (FP 302-094-2) and Local Mitigation Planning Policy Guide (FP-206-21-0002).

The policies are the official interpretation of the mitigation planning requirements in the Robert T. Stafford Disaster Relief and Emergency Assistance Act (Stafford Act), as amended and other federal statutes as well as in federal regulations, specifically Title 44 CFR Part 201- Mitigation Planning

About the Policies

The main purpose of the policies is to support consistent evaluation and approval of state and local hazard mitigation plans. They also promote mitigation planning and risk-informed decision-making.

FEMA routinely updates policies to improve and better support stakeholders in meeting federal requirements. Updates also allow FEMA to ensure policy remains current with related legislative, programmatic, and regulatory changes.

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Download our Frequently Asked Questions document for more details about the changes.

Summary of Changes

Updates to the State Mitigation Planning Policy Guide (FP 302-094-2) and Local Mitigation Planning Policy Guide (FP-206-21-0002) include the incorporation of new FEMA grant programs, such as Building Resilient Infrastructure and CommunitiesHazard Mitigation Grant Program Post-Fire, and Rehabilitation of High-Hazard Potential Dams grant program .

The updates also include a strengthened connection with the Fire Management Assistance Grant Program; alignment with national initiatives and programs such as the National Mitigation Investment Strategy; and with FEMA priorities such as climate adaptation, equity, resilience, and building codes.

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For a full list of updates, download the Summary of Changes document.

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Webinar Series

FEMA hosted webinars on the updated state and local mitigation planning policies. Recordings and slide decks of the webinars are available through the links below.

May 10, 2022: Updated State Mitigation Planning Policy Review

May 12, 2022: Updated Local Mitigation Planning Policy Review

Stakeholder Feedback

The changes to the Local and State Mitigation Planning Policy Guides are the result of a collaborative effort with different stakeholders and partners, including state and regional partners, academic institutions, non-governmental organizations, and more.

FEMA held several webinars during the summer 2020 to solicit feedback from a multitude of stakeholders and partners. Additionally, we contacted each FEMA region, individual State Hazard Mitigation Officers, and other interested organizations, individuals, and partners to submit comment and feedback via email.

In total, FEMA received more than 400 comments from state, local, private, academic, non-governmental, regional, and other federal partners. The stakeholder feedback was compiled into a 26-page summary that provides information about the concerns expressed by stakeholders and their recommendations to address those concerns.

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