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Community Assistance Program – State Support Services Element

Community Assistance Program – State Support Services Element (CAP-SSSE) helps states proactively identify, prevent and resolve floodplain management issues in participating communities before a flood event even occurs. In this way, CAP-SSSE helps to:

  • Ensure that the flood loss reduction goals of the NFIP are met,
  • Build state and community floodplain management expertise and capability and
  • Leverage state knowledge and expertise in working with their communities.
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CAP-SSSE Tiered State Framework Playbook

In response to feedback from state partners, FEMA created the CAP-SSSE Tiered State Framework (TSF). The TSF helps FEMA recognize, invest in, and incentivize state efforts to develop the capabilities necessary to meet the goals of the CAP-SSSE program and grow a state’s broader floodplain management ability.

The TSF Playbook should be used with the TSF Assessment Tool to validate benchmarks and determine what evidence to submit in support of the tier assignment.

Review the Playbook

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Access notices of funding opportunities (NOFOs) and details about what activities are eligible for funding.

The TSF establishes a level playing field so that the programs can make fair judgements about the resources that states require to maintain grant eligibility. We have tools, playbooks and other materials to help you learn more.

View the 2017 program evaluation's findings, as well as other reports and tools.

Read about the program's authorization and requirements, goals, priorities, and performance measures.

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If you have any questions, contact the FEMA Headquarters CAP-SSSE Coordinator.