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Disaster Mind is an educational game that teaches high school students how to stay calm and make solid decisions during a disaster.

Scene from the video game of a cloaked figure telling a rabbit "I'm here to help you."

Developed for Teens by Emergency Managers

When seconds count, what will you decide?

Welcome to the disaster game that puts your choices to the test.

Enter the World of Disaster Mind

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About Disaster Mind

FEMA Region 8 and iThrive Games created Disaster Mind to teach high school students about disaster preparedness.

Players must make quick decisions in the face three natural disasters: a blizzard, wildfire and flood. Complicating their quest, a mysterious guide weaves twists and turns along the way.

Key Features

  • Available on most web browsers.
  • Can be played solo or as a class.
  • Does not collect data or personally identifiable information (PII).


“I had been wondering about an emergency plan, but I never really took it seriously, because I haven’t really experienced anything life-threatening like this. However, this gameplay raised awareness for me because I know that I have to be self-sufficient… because my parents won’t always be there to help me.”

– Youth Player Testimonial, California

Educator and Parent Resources

Use our educator and parent resources to facilitate a conversation with your kids or students about how to prepare for a disaster or emergency.

Download the FEMA App for Androids or iPhones. Add up to five locations to track weather and emergency alerts.

It's important to know how to get FEMA assistance before a disaster happens — check out FEMA's help for families and individuals.

Learn more about household preparedness using FEMA’s “Are You Ready?” citizen preparedness guide.

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