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Building Codes and Consensus Standards

FEMA is responsible for developing effective risk reduction tools and promoting their implementation, as well as supporting the development of disaster-resistant building codes and standards. Building Codes and Consensus Standards are one of the most effective mitigation strategies to reduce future losses.

FEMA stays involved in the code process by:

  • Developing and maintaining a library of seismic technical design guidance products that provide input to the model codes and consensus standards development process
  • Monitoring the codes and standards development process by its Seismic Code Support Committee
  • Tracking State and local code adoption using the International Code Council and the Insurance Services Office (ISO)/Building Code Effectiveness Grading Schedule (BCEGS)

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State Earthquake Contacts
State personnel responsible for managing and implementing the FEMA NEHRP Earthquake State Assistance Program and other local activities supporting earthquake risk reduction.

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FEMA Regional Earthquake Contacts
Personnel in FEMA regional offices responsible for coordinating, collaborating with, and supporting state partners in the implementation of FEMA NEHRP Earthquake State Assistance Program cooperative agreements and other earthquake risk reduction activities.

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