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Find data, tools and resources to conduct research, develop web and mobile applications and design data visualizations.
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FEMA Geospatial Resource Center

Find disaster response data, maps and applications from FEMA and our governmental, private sector and other partners in one place.

Geospatial Resource Center

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Find FEMA Reports and Data Sources

Annual Reports

Read assessments of the effectiveness of FEMA’s performance and stewardship of resources.

Data Visualizations

Explore disaster-related data with interactive tools and graphic representations.


OpenFEMA is the public’s resource data on multiple aspects of emergency management. View data sets and documentation.

Guidance Documents

FEMA issues guidance documents to help the public understand how the agency administers its legal and regulatory authorities.

Disaster Relief Fund Reports

View our monthly reports on Disaster Relief Fund (DRF) activities.

Preliminary Damage Assessment Reports

After a disaster, Preliminary Damage Assessment (PDA) reports provide a look at the extent and impact of the damage, and the types of federal assistance that may be needed.

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The 2023-2027 FEMA Data Strategy enables the agency to better serve the public, through the improved collection, sharing, and insights gained from quality data. This strategy is being implemented by FEMA and can serve as a model for the broader emergency management community.

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