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Presidential Residence Protection Assistance

This grant program provides funding to reimburse state and local law enforcement agencies for operational overtime costs incurred while protecting any non-governmental residence of the President of the United States as designated or identified to be secured by the United States Secret Service.

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Recipients seeking guidance on policies and procedures for managing preparedness grants should reference this manual for program-specific information as well as overall guidance on rules and regulations.

Fiscal Years

Notice of Funding Opportunity and Supporting Documents

You may access the Presidential Residence Protection Assistance Notice of Funding Opportunity and Fact Sheet on our website.

The Notice of Funding Opportunity is also available at Grants.gov.

FY 2021

Total funding available for fiscal year 2021: $12,700,000

FY 2019

Total funding available for fiscal year 2019: $41,000,000.

FY 2017

Total funding available for fiscal year 2017: $41,000,000.

FY 2020

Total funding available for fiscal year 2020: $41,000,000

FY 2018

Total funding available for fiscal year 2018: $41,000,000.