National Dam Safety Program Publications

The National Dam Safety Program provides a variety of publications, including:

  • Research Needs Workshop Reports
  • Technical Manuals, Guides and Reports
  • Technical Advisories
  • Safety Series Fact Sheets
  • Response and Recovery (R&R) Dam Response Operations Matrices
  • Dam Safety & Risk MAP/Flood Mapping Studies Fact Sheet Series
  • DSS-WISE Fact Sheets
  • FEMA P-1015, Technical Manual: Overtopping Protection for Dams (ZIP, 410MB)

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2021 National Dam Safety Program Technical Seminar Day 1

The topics covered laid out the basis for risk informed decision making.

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2021 National Dam Safety Program Technical Seminar Day 2

The presentations covered throughout the day related to benefit-cost analysis. The topic stems from justification FEMA and the National Dam Safety Review Board are using to add some sort of simplified methodology to the High Hazard Potential Dam grant process.

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2021 National Dam Safety Program Technical Seminar Day 3

The theme of the day had a strong focus on risk assessments. There were evaluations of previous dam failures, including the Orville Dam and a synopsis on the previous 25 years of risk-informed decision making and what to expect in the upcoming 25 years.

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2021 National Dam Safety Program Technical Seminar Day 4

The last day of the seminar covered various case studies on risk analyses followed by a panel discussion about the various topics and presentations covered throughout the seminar.

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A Watershed Approach to Enhance Dam Safety - a Case Study of Dams in the Rio de Lat Plata Watershed in Puerto Rico

National Dam Safety Program | Ed Beadenkopf and John Wolfhope

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Advancements in Evacuation Modeling | Woodrow Lee Fields - US Army Corps of Engineers

2019 NDSP Technical Seminar Presentation

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Aging Dams/Incidents in Indian Country

National Dam Safety Program | Mark Baker and Matt Young

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Appendix B for Georgia Street/Winnsboro Road Pump Station and Force Main Project Draft Environmental Assessment, HMGP-4263-0013-LA, August 2023

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Assessing Flood Risk in the California Delta

National Dam Safety Program Technical Seminar | February 16-18, 2021
Lawrence H. Roth, PE, GE, ENV SP
Jessica J. Ludy, CFM

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Augusta Canal – Aging, Historical Landmark, Urban Environment, Complicated? You name it – It’s got it!

National Dam Safety Program | Shae Hoschek