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Building Codes Strategy

The FEMA Building Code Strategy organizes and prioritizes FEMA activities to advance the adoption and enforcement of hazard-resistant building codes and standards for FEMA programs. It promotes integrating building codes and standards across FEMA, strengthening nationwide capability and expertise, and driving public action.

The Building Code Strategy is comprised of three goals and 14 objectives that focus on:

Leveraging partnerships to promote current hazard-resistant building codes

Understanding stakeholder needs to identify opportunities that advance building code adoption and enforcement

Amplifying climate science messaging to increase public demand for building codes and standards

Targeting building code adoption outreach to the most vulnerable communities achieve a more resilient nation

Strategy Goals

FEMA encourages the use of natural hazard-resistant codes in the construction of new and existing buildings. The following goals will help drive future actions.

Goal 1

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Integrate building codes and standards across FEMA.

Goal 2

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Strengthen nationwide capability for superior building performance.

Goal 3

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Drive public action on building codes.

“This document is just the first step in a comprehensive building codes implementation at local jurisdictions and to help the federal government align building codes across the nation. These efforts will better prepare our nation for disasters, mitigate the impact of those disasters when they inevitably occur and ultimately help save lives and minimize property loss."

FEMA Administrator Deanne Criswell

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