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This section contains information about the agency's active and past consultations with tribal governments. FEMA recognizes the government-to-government relationship between the U.S. government and federally recognized tribes. To acknowledge and honor the sovereignty of tribal nations, FEMA conducts regular and meaningful consultation and collaboration with federally recognized tribes to ensure that FEMA policies and programs address tribal needs.  

FEMA's Tribal Consultation Policy, finalized in August 2014 with input from tribes, outlines the process that FEMA officials use to conduct consultation with Indian tribes and Tribal Officials.

Past Consultations

These are records of past FEMA tribal consultations, including audio recordings and transcripts of listening sessions, Federal Register Notices, and letters of testimony.  These consultations are no longer open for comment.

  • Consultation on Procedures to Request Emergency or Major Disaster Declarations (March-April 2013).  This consultation requested tribal comment on the Sandy Recovery Improvement Act of 2013 and on the new process for tribal emergency and major disaster declarations.  See detailed information on this consultation.
  • Consultation on the Tribal Consultation Policy (October 2013 - August 2014).  FEMA created a draft tribal consultation policy and sought feedback from all federally recognized tribes. The Tribal Consultation Policy establishes a process to guide FEMA officials on how to engage Indian tribes and Tribal Officials in regular and meaningful consultation and collaboration on actions that have tribal implications. The final policy was published in August 2014.
  • Disaster Declaration Process for Tribes.   This guidance describes how FEMA will process and evaluate requests from tribal governments for a disaster declaration, independent of a state. FEMA has developed a first draft of the Tribal Declarations Pilot Guidance, which was developed using input from tribal governments in 2013. FEMA is currently conducting a second round of consultation on this guidance and is accepting comments until August 31, 2014.

Submitting Comments

Do you have feedback on current consultations? Please email

For feedback on other topics, please contact your Regional Tribal Liaison.

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