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Terrorism: How it Affects Continuity Planning - December 7, 2011

Please join National Coninuity Programs (NCP) for our sixth installment of the Continuity Webinar Series titled Terrorism: How It Affects Continuity Planning.  This webinar will examine the importance of incorporating the specific risks of terrorism into continuity planning. We will be discussing how increased continuity awareness, preparedness, planning and coordination between Federal and non-Federal entities are beneficial in the case of a terrorism event. This webinar will also identify gaps or vulnerabilities in organizational plans and procedures. Our speakers will be discussing some of the solutions or alternative actions to challenges that may arise. You do not want to miss this engaging and informative discussion.

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About the Presenters

Maria Stanton
Continuity Specialist
NCP COOP Division

Ms. Maria Stanton is a Continuity Specialist of the State, Territorial, Tribal, and Local (STTL) Branch for the Continuity of Operations Division, National Continuity Programs (NCP). As a program manager for the STTL Branch, Maria oversees Continuity training and workshop initiatives for non-Federal entities. Ms. Stanton also assists in the development of continuity policy and guidance for non-Federal governmental organizations, as well as field offices for FEMA. One of her major projects involves the Joint Field Office (JFO) Continuity of Operations Plan Template, enabling a more unified way for the planning and programs in preparation for JFOs to better respond to the public during continuity events. Other responsibilities include the following: develop and maintain Continuity planning and awareness training for Joint Field Offices; coordinate continuity training workshops between non-Federal and Federal government jurisdictions; and conduct workshops that address joint Federal and non-Federal Government continuity planning, such as the new Continuity Terrorism Workshop Guardian Accord.

Ms. Stanton is also a liaison between Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) Headquarters and FEMA Regional Continuity Program Managers, coordinating events, and disseminating policy, guidance and exercise template updates for States, territorial, tribal, and local government jurisdictions. She also works closely with FEMA HQ Public Affairs for continuity-related press releases and promotional material, managing the development and maintenance of Continuity brochures, videos, and the FEMA Continuity of Operations Division web site.

For additional information, Download Ms. Maria Stanton’s biography (PDF 140KB, TXT 8KB)

David Cid
Executive Director
Memorial Institute for the Prevention of Terrorism

David Cid is Executive Director of the Memorial Institute for the Prevention of Terrorism (MIPT) in Oklahoma City, a non-profit training and professional development center serving the line officer.

Prior to joining the MIPT in 2006 as Deputy Director, Mr. Cid was President of Salus International, a consulting practice providing Security, Crisis Management, and Business Continuity services. Clients included the United States Army, the FBI, the Department of State, and Fortune 500 companies. For two years, he was an advisor to foreign governments on counterterrorism in Europe, Asia, Africa, and Latin America.

Mr. Cid is a 20-year veteran of the FBI, where he served as a counterterrorism specialist. He was a member of the FBI International Crisis Response Team and while assigned to the New York field office, a member of the FBI Special Weapons and Tactics Team.
Mr. Cid has been on-scene commander in extortions, kidnappings, and acts of terrorism and has led special events security planning for the World Series, the Special Olympics, and the U.S. Open. In 1996, he supervised the first successful investigation and prosecution under the Biological Weapons Antiterrorism Act, interdicting a plot to assassinate federal and local officials.

For additional information, Download Mr. David Cid’s biography (PDF 140KB, TXT 8KB)

Additional details on this webinar

This webinar will last approximately 45 minutes. After the presentation is complete, you will have an opportunity to ask questions via the chat feature in the webinar system. This webinar is free to the public and will accommodate the first 500 visitors that enter the site. In addition to airing live, the webinar will be recorded and viewable at your convenience after it completes.

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The Continuity Webinar Series is conducted in DHS' HSIN Connect system. You do not need to register in advance, nor do you need a HSIN account in order to view our webinars. Audio for this webinar will be broadcast within HSIN Connect; there will not be a concurrent, phone-based teleconference. Questions and answers will be moderated via text-based chat inside the webinar. In order to ensure that your computer is capable of viewing our webinars and webcasts, we highly recommend that you read the below documents and perform the compatibility test prior to the start of the event. In addition, please ensure your computer's speakers are working prior to the webinar. If for any reason you have trouble accessing the system, please send an email to

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