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FEMA's Grant Programs Directorate, Training and Professional Development Branch provides the Grants Management Technical Assistance (GMTA) Program to State, regional, local, and Tribal jurisdictions on basic and advanced grants management principles and practices.  The objective of the program is to improve the ability of FEMA grant recipients to administer federal grant funding.  The GMTA Program adapts to fit the specific needs of the jurisdictions and is sustained by FEMA’s homeland security and emergency management partners to institutionalize sound business grants management concepts at the State and local level.

Technical Assistance services are available at no cost to the grant recipient

Target Audience

FEMA Direct Recipients such as the State Administrative Agency (SAA), Tribal Entities, Transit Security Grant Program (TSGP), and Port Security Grant Program (PSGP) personnel and/or subrecipients such as Urban Areas Security Initiative (UASI).

Technical Assistance Services

Level One Technical Assistance (TA): Information Resources

Delivery of telephone and/or electronic information, including sample resources and publications from recipient or subrecipient colleagues; networking and referral.


  • Share sample monitoring report forms and protocols with a SAA requesting assistance in
    developing a subrecipient monitoring program for their FEMA grants.
  • Provide guidance on federal financial audits for a UASI in preparation for an A-133 audit. In
    such cases, referral to specific guidance in the Code of Federal Regulations is provided to the
    requesting agency.

Level Two Technical Assistance (TA): Templates, Models and Samples

Development of models, templates and samples, as well as other specific needs/issues, as requested by the recipient and/or subrecipient. 


  • Preparation of a Basic Grants Management Workshop curriculum in the form of a Power Point
    presentation which can be delivered by the requesting agency and/or the TA Provider at an
    annual statewide grants workshop.

Level Three Technical Assistance (TA): On-Site Direct Deliveries and/or Workshops

Meeting facilitation; direct guidance and consultation; intensive, short-term, site-specific workshops. The duration of the TA delivery varies depending upon the TA requestor’s needs.


  • On-site Direct TA Deliveries: Creation and delivery of customized, on-site guidance specific to
    the requesting jurisdiction’s needs, including revising/updating grants management policies,
    procedures, forms and processes. The average Direct TA delivery lasts 4-5 days.
  • On-site Direct TA Workshops (e.g. for a SAA’s subrecipients): Delivery of on-site assistance
    with a statewide/territorial workshop for the requesting agency’s subrecipients keynoting
    effective grants management principles and practices.

Further Information

For further information on this and other TA services, please email:

TA request form (PDF 44KB, TXT 2KB)

Or submit your TA request form to: 


The resource section is coming soon. Please check back frequently for access to TA presentations and information regarding upcoming TA workshops. 

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