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The purpose of this site is to provide information and updates regarding the Reservist Program and Reservist employees, who support survivors of all-hazard incidents.  The intended audience for this section are Reservists, other FEMA employees, as well as, non-employees.  The site offers the audience insight on programmatic changes, as well as articles and images from response and recovery missions. 

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FEMA Releases the Cadre Management Guide

October 28, 2014

MEMORANDUM FOR:       All FEMA Employees                          

FROM:                              Elizabeth A. Zimmerman

                                         Associate Administrator, Office of Response & Recovery

SUBJECT:                         FEMA Cadre Management Guide

Over the past few months, personnel from FEMA Regions and FEMA Headquarters have devoted their expertise, experience, and insight to articulating a standard approach for managing the disaster cadres. The result of this concerted effort is the FEMA Cadre Management Guide, which I am authorizing as Agency Doctrine with this memo.

The FEMA Cadre Management Guide is designed specifically to support cadre coordinators and their subordinate staff in executing their roles and responsibilities as described in FEMA Directive 10-9, Incident Workforce Cadre Management.  It describes the composition, governance, and principles of the FEMA cadre management system; outlining resources, providing required information, and explaining processes and procedures to successfully manage an operational incident workforce cadre.

This Guide fills a critical role in ensuring FEMA, as an Agency, is most prepared to respond to, recover from, and mitigate the threats and hazards that pose the greatest risk to our Nation.  It will assist FEMA in maintaining a ready workforce; one that is adequately staffed, available, trained, qualified, and equipped to conduct its mission. In addition, it will enable the continuous monitoring of performance to ensure accountability in mission accomplishment and facilitate constant improvement.

If you have any questions or comments regarding this publication please contact the FEMA Response Doctrine Unit at

Communication Resources for Reservists

FEMA aims to foster clear, consistent lines of communication between Reservists and other parts of the Agency in order to ensure all employees, regardless of duty station or location, have the information they need to be successful.  In order to do so, all Reservists need to know who they can contact to address their various concerns.  The information provided below delineates the various communications resources available to Reservists.

Cadre Management Team

The first and primary point of contact for all Reservists is their Cadre Coordinator.  Cadre Coordinators manage each incident workforce cadre and oversee all aspects of day-to-day cadre management including staffing, equipping, training, qualifying, and performance of the cadre and its members.  They are also responsible for communicating with the individual employees of their cadre as changes in policy or procedure affecting the incident workforce occur, and/or if an incident requiring the deployment of a large portion of the cadre takes place.   If you do not know who your Cadre Coordinator is, please contact the Call Center Monday-Friday at 1-855-377-3362 from 9am - 6pm EST.

Reservist Ombuds         

The Reservist Ombuds supports the Reservist workforce by bringing to the attention of program leadership any systemic problem or issue affecting Reservists.  The information gained by the Ombuds from Reservists forms the basis for recommended changes or suggestions to leadership on FEMA policies, instructions, procedures and/or practices to improve the effectiveness of the Reservist workforce.  Lester Schoene is the Reservist Ombuds and can be reached at 1-855-OMBUDS1 (1-855-662-8371).

Pasadena Call Center

The Pasadena Call Center serves as a coordination element between Reservists and the Cadre Coordinators, particularly on issues pertaining to the FEMA Qualification System, Time and Attendance, Travel Vouchers, and other operational support services as required.  It remains open Monday-Friday to handle questions pertaining to any incident workforce issue and can be reached at 1-855-377-3362 from 9am - 6pm EST.

Incident Workforce Management Division (IWMD)

IWMD oversees the management and readiness of the Reservist program and coordinates enterprise-wide communications regarding Reservist issues.  Working with the Office of Chief Counsel, Office of the Chief Component Human Capital Officer, and Office of Equal Rights, IWMD provides guidance and direction to cadre management personnel on the various policies and procedures affecting the Reservist workforce.  IWMD routinely responds to issues and concerns of Reservists that cannot be addressed through other venues.  If such an issue arises, Reservists should contact the Cadre Management Section at or IWMD Front Office at

Deployment Tools & Resources

The FEMA Travel Toolbox is intended to support FEMA travelers by providing the necessary tools and resources to help travelers before, during, and after their travel. The site is broken out into content areas based on traveler feedback and can be accessed on the Financial Management Division page within the FEMA intranet.  If you have questions regarding travel and the Concur Government Edition, E-Gov Travel Services, please email

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