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This page contains a list of related national associations and organizations that support dam safety and development, flood hazard mapping and management and overall disaster preparedness and mitigation. Each resource link below directs interested parties on where to find applicable information and interesting facts on dams and natural disasters. Since dam safety is a multifaceted field, many stakeholders including homeowners and business owners, emergency management personnel, industry-related professionals, non-profits, researchers and government officials at all levels can benefit in viewing these resources. View current news and resources on dam related topics and learn how you can do your part in dam safety in your community.


 Dam failure e-mail updatesRepairs following flooding event

For Individuals Personnel: Homeowners and Volunteers 

For Emergency Personnel: Situation Reports and Training

For Business & Professionals: Vendors and Technical Information

For Institutions: Non-Profits and  Research

For Government: Federal, State, Local and Tribal

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