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Region II: Mitigation

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This page describes the Region 2 Mitigation Division.


To create safer communities by reducing loss of life and property;
To help individuals recover more rapidly from floods and other disasters; and
To lessen the financial impact of disasters


 As mitigators:

  • Striving to build a stronger and safer nation through advance risk analysis and planning; and
  • Addressing those risks through local community involvement.

Leadership: Michael Moriarty

Things You Should Know

Hazard Mitigation Assistance Grants Contact
Robert Tranter


Telephone: (212) 680-3628

Risk Analysis, Flood Hazard Mapping and Mitigation Planning Contact
Scott Duell


Telephone: (212) 680-3630

National Flood Insurance Program Contact
William McDonnell


Telephone: (212) 680-3622

Environmental Planning & Historic Preservation Contact
Megan Jadrosich

Email: Megan.Jadrosich@fema,

Telephone: (212) 680-3635

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