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Office of Response and Recovery

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This page will help you learn about the responsibilities and the leadership in the Office of Response and Recovery.


Elizabeth Zimmerman, Associate Administrator

Robert J. Fenton, Jr., Acting Deputy Associate Administrator


The Office of Response and Recovery (ORR) provides leadership to build, sustain, and improve the coordination and delivery of support to citizens and State, local, tribal and territorial governments to save lives, reduce suffering, protect property and recover from all hazards.

The Office of Response and Recovery (ORR) is comprised of the following offices and components:

  • Office of the Associate Adminstrator, ORR
    • Executive Oversight
    • Strategic Integration Group
    • Executive Communication and Coordination Group
  • Disaster Declarations Unit
  • Office of Readiness and Assessment
  • Response Directorate
  • Recovery Directorate
  • Logistics Management Directorate
  • Office of Federal Disaster Coordination
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