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December 12, 2001
Jackson, MS -- A grant program, administered by the State of Mississippi, has been activated to assist Mississippians cover the costs of disaster-related needs and expenses not covered by insurance...
December 10, 2001
Atlanta, GA -- Residents of 10 Mississippi counties whose homes were damaged or destroyed as a result of the recent tornadoes and flooding may be eligible for temporary housing assistance, according...
December 9, 2001
Atlanta, GA -- A special toll-free telephone number, 1-800-621-FEMA (3362), is in operation for residents of 10 Mississippi counties who were affected by the tornadoes and other extreme weather that...
December 7, 2001
Washington, DC -- The head of the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) announced today that federal disaster aid has been made available for Mississippi families and businesses victimized by...
July 6, 2001
Biloxi, MS -- In the aftermath of recent flooding from Tropical Storm Allison, plus the continuous threat of flooding during the hurricane season, disaster officials are reminding residents that they...
July 4, 2001
Biloxi, MS -- Three FEMA/MEMA damage inspection teams are working cooperatively in the field to assist local governments and agencies in Harrison, Hancock, Jackson, George and Pear River counties...
June 26, 2001
Biloxi, MS -- The next step in the process of local governments applying for disaster assistance will begin on Wednesday with a briefing for local officials. Communities in the five counties of...
June 21, 2001
Washington, DC -- Federal disaster funds have been made available for Mississippi to help communities in the counties of George, Hancock, Harrison, Jackson and Pearl River recover from the effects of...
April 18, 2001
Washington, DC -- Federal disaster aid has been made available for Mississippi to help families and communities recover from the effects of severe storms and floods that hit the state earlier this...
April 3, 2001
Tupelo, MS -- Advisors from the Federal Emergency Management Agency's (FEMA) Hazard Mitigation team will be touring local sites during the next week to demonstrate the effectiveness and affordability...


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