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Mitigation eGrants System: Application Process

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The Mitigation eGrants system is required for Pre-Disaster Mitigation (PDM) and Flood Mitigation Assistance (FMA)  grant programs.  This page describes the application submission process in the eGrants External sytem by state/tribal/territorial/local officials as well as the review, award and monitoring of PDM and FMA applications in eGrants.

Application Submittal 

The application process in eGrants follows a specific workflow sequence in the eGrants External system:

  • Local or tribal officials acting as Subgrant Applicants create planning and project subgrant applications and submit them to their Grant Applicant state/territory for review.

NOTE: The Grant Applicant may require submittal of a project pre-application for review before allowing a Subgrant Applicant to submit a project subgrant application.

  • For Subgrant Applicants that do not use the eGrants system to submit subgrant applications, the Grant Applicant must enter the paper application(s) into the eGrants system on the Subapplicant’s behalf.

  • States/tribes/territories acting as Grant Applicants review subgrant applications submitted by their Subgrant Applicants.

  • If the Grant Applicant requests revisions to a subgrant application, then the Subgrant Applicant may revise the subgrant application and resubmit it.

  • Once the subgrant application is approved, the Grant Applicant may include it in a grant application to be submitted to FEMA.

  • Grant Applicants may create and submit their own planning, project, management costs and technical assistance subgrant applications.

  • Grant Applicants create PDM and FMA grant applications and include approved subgrant applications, which they must rank in order of their priority, for submittal to FEMA.

eGrants External System Process
Subgrant applicant creates subgrant application. Subgrant applicant submits subgrant application to State, Territory, or Tribal grant applicant. Grant applicant reviews subgrant applications. Grant applicant approves subgrant. Grantee applicant creates the grant application to include approved subgrant applications. Grant applicant submits grant applications to FEMA.

Please see the Mitigation eGrants System for Indian Tribal Governments web page for Frequently Asked Questions about on how Federally-recognized tribal governments use the Mitigation eGrants system to apply as Subgrant Applicants through a state or as Grant Applicants directly to FEMA.

 Review, Award and Monitoring Process

The application review process conducted by FEMA users of the eGrants Internal System to determine which subgrant applications will be Identified for Further review follows a specific workflow.  The award and monitoring processes are coordinated by FEMA and the Grant Applicant in both the External and Internal eGrants systems.

  • FEMA reviews submitted grant applications and the subgrants attached to them for eligibility in accordance with the Hazard Mitigation Assistance (HMA) Guidance.

  • FEMA selects eligible planning and project subgrant applications for further review based on the agency's priorities outlined in the Notice of Funding Opportunity on  

NOTE:  A determination of “Identified for Further Review” is not notification or guarantee of an award.

  • If FEMA requests revisions to a grant application, the Grant Applicant may revise it and resubmit it to FEMA. 

  • If FEMA requests revisions to subgrant applications, the Grant Applicant may revise certain sections of the subapplication or release it to the Subgrant Applicant for revision.  Once revisions are complete, the Grant Applicant must resubmit the subgrant application to FEMA.

  • FEMA provides an award package to the Grant Applicant for approved subgrant applications.

  • The Grant Applicant accepts the award package and submits it to FEMA.

  • The Federal award, signed by a FEMA grants officer, is provided to the Grant Applicant after FEMA has obligated the funds.

  • The Grant Applicant submits the Quarterly Program Performance Report to FEMA on the progress of the grant, including all awarded subgrants, throughout the period of performance as a condition of the award.

  • FEMA reviews and approves the Quarterly Reports or may request revisions from the Grant Applicant as needed.

eGrants internal processes
FEMA reviews grant applications. FEMA approves subgrant applications. FEMA awards grants to include approved subgrant applications. FEMA monitors grants implementation through review of Quarterly Reports submitted by the Grantee.
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