Mississippi Alternative Housing Pilot Program

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Project Overview

Installed Mississippi AHPP unit with family on porch.The Mississippi Alternative Housing Pilot Program (MAHP) is comprised of two distinct projects - the Mississippi Park Model / Cottage Project and the Eco Cottage Project.

Both projects are single-family disaster housing alternatives that can serve as temporary or permanent units. The housing solutions  in this project demonstrate thoughtful attention to the variety of sites FEMA uses in a disaster housing mission-private lots, group sites and commercial properties - as well as the diverse needs of the families FEMA serves

Project Specifications

  • Single Family
  • Manufactured and modular housing
  • Temporary to permanent
  • Individual, commercial, and group sites
  • Local and HUD code compliant
  • Eco Cottage uses green building technologies

Grant Information

Mississippi Emergency Management Agency

Award Amount: $281,318,612

Case Study

  • Developing A More Viable Disaster Housing Unit: A Case Study of the Mississippi Alternative Housing Program (PDF 37MB, TXT 253KB)
    • Title Page (PDF 550KB)
    • Executive Summary (PDF 1.5MB)
    • Chapter 1 (PDF 7.2MB)
    • Chapter 2 (PDF 5.2MB)
    • Chapter 3 (PDF 2.7MB)
    • Chapter 4 (PDF 287KB)
    • Chapter 5 (PDF 266KB)
    • Endnotes (PDF 162KB)
    • Attachment 1 Part 1 (PDF 6.7MB)
    • Attachment 1 Part 2 (PDF 8.5MB)
    • Attachment 1 Part 3 (PDF 4.8MB)
    • Attachment 2 (PDF 129KB)
    • Attachment 3 (PDF 364KB)

Quality of Life

  •  Assessing Quality of Life in the Mississippi Cottage (PDF 7MB, TXT 345KB)
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