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This page provides information on the Mississippi Alternative Housing Pilot Program.

Mississippi is one of the four states that received an award through the Alternative Housing Pilot Program,  The Alternative Housing Pilot Program (AHPP) is a one-time, four-year pilot to identify and evaluate better ways to house disaster survivors. It resulted from a $400 million Congressional appropriation in 2006 and is identified as a key program in FEMA's National Disaster Housing Strategy. Designed as a grant program to address housing needs, five of the 29 AHPP projects submitted were awarded to four states. 

Project Overview

Installed Mississippi AHPP unit with family on porch.The Mississippi Alternative Housing Pilot Program (MAHP) is comprised of two distinct projects - the Mississippi Park Model / Cottage Project and the Eco Cottage Project.

Both projects are single-family disaster housing alternatives that can serve as temporary or permanent units. The housing solutions  in this project demonstrate thoughtful attention to the variety of sites FEMA uses in a disaster housing mission-private lots, group sites and commercial properties - as well as the diverse needs of the families FEMA serves

Project Specifications

  • Single Family
  • Manufactured and modular housing
  • Temporary to permanent
  • Individual, commercial, and group sites
  • Local and HUD code compliant
  • Eco Cottage uses green building technologies

Grant Information

Mississippi Emergency Management Agency

Award Amount: $281,318,612

Case Study

  • Developing A More Viable Disaster Housing Unit: A Case Study of the Mississippi Alternative Housing Program (PDF 37MB, TXT 253KB)
    • Title Page (PDF 550KB)
    • Executive Summary (PDF 1.5MB)
    • Chapter 1 (PDF 7.2MB) Introduction
    • Chapter 2 (PDF 5.2MB) The Temporary Housing Story
    • Chapter 3 (PDF 2.7MB) Transitioning to Permanent Housing
    • Chapter 4 (PDF 287KB) Preliminary Results of the Building Sciences Evaluation
    • Chapter 5 (PDF 266KB) Observations and Lessons Learned
    • Endnotes (PDF 162KB)
    • Attachment 1 Part 1 (PDF 6.7MB)
    • Attachment 1 Part 2 (PDF 8.5MB)
    • Attachment 1 Part 3 (PDF 4.8MB)
    • Attachment 2 (PDF 129KB)
    • Attachment 3 (PDF 364KB)

Quality of Life

  •  Assessing Quality of Life in the Mississippi Cottage (PDF 7MB, TXT 345KB)
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