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Installing Seismic Restraints for Duct and Pipe

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This is one of three fully illustrated guides (available for download from that show equipment installers how to attach mechanical equipment (FEMA 412), electrical equipment (FEMA 413), and duct and pipe (FEMA 414) to buildings to minimize earthquake damage. The guides describe various types of equipment and include a chart that identifies the types of recommended equipment, the configuration for restraint, and the type of attachment needed. Step-by-step instructions and precautions for each type of equipment and methods for installing the equipment are included. Examples of anchoring and seismic restraint devices; attachment types and instructions for installing equipment in different configurations; and special cases for housekeeping pads, cable assemblies, supports for control panels, and residential equipment are included. The publication does not cover non-building structural framing required to elevate equipment above the floor.
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Installing Seismic Restraints for Duct and Pipe

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January 1, 2004