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Logistics Management Directorate (LMD) is a very dynamic Directorate with a business process concept that continues to transform. Our mission is to effectively plan, manage and sustain national logistics response and recovery operations, in support of domestic emergencies and special events, acting as the National Logistics Coordinator (NLC) or Single Logistics Integrator for domestic incident support. As the National Logistics Coordinator we are establishing national procedures, fostering transparency through collaboration and coordination and, we are focused on technology enhancements to expand Region & State level logistics capabilities.

LMD is organized around the following four core competencies:

Logistics Operations - Manages and executes the national logistics command and coordination, tracking and reporting for all-hazards operations utilizing the National Logistics Coordinator concept. Operates the Logistics Management Center (LMC) serving as the central reporting element for the National Response Coordination Center on all logistics actions and operational activities. Stores, maintains and deploys Temporary Housing Units and Mobile Disaster Recovery Centers.

Logistics Plans and Exercises - Develops and provides cohesive and synchronized logistics plans and exercises to achieve both short and long term readiness requirements. Ensures deliberate planning efforts result in coordinated ConOps and Plans resulting in repeatable processes supporting optimized national logistics response and recovery operations supporting domestic emergencies and special events.

Distribution Management - Manages a comprehensive supply chain, warehouse and transportation operation using a Strategic Alliance to effectively and efficiently distribute supplies, equipment and services to support emergencies.

Property Management - Provides management oversight, internal control and technical reviews in the areas of property accountability, reutilization, and disposal of Disaster Operations equipment. We are in the process of implementing an enterprise-wide property accounting and asset visibility system that is designed and implemented to ensure best value.

Our strategic direction in LMD is focused on four key areas:

  • People: Develop a professional logistics workforce, including regional staff, through hiring, training, credentialing and professional development; foster an accountability and results based culture.
  • Customers: Develop collaborative relationships with key stakeholders; foster both horizontal and vertical coordination; develop bottom up requirement process.
  • Processes: Modernize and integrate the National Supply Chain Network; institute logistics planning to enhance response capability; develop and document key business policy and processes; perform analysis and take systematic approach to task/ issue resolution.
  • Systems: Modernize the logistics system network; upgrade and fully integrate our systems to achieve maximum capability effectiveness.

We are pleased that you decided to visit our webpage and we are enthusiastic about the opportunity to share our vision of a transformed logistics capability. Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.

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