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There are a variety of support resources available to Hazus users. Key Hazus points-of-contact are listed below.

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Technical Support

Technical assistance is available via the Hazus Help Desk at https://hazus.msc.fema.gov. If you do not have login credentials for https://hazus.msc.fema.gov, please send an e-mail to helpdesk@support.hazus.us to gain access.

Users can also call the FEMA Map Information Exchange (FMIX) at 1-877-336-2627 as an alternative means of support.  The FMIX helps users during normal business hours to follow up on Help Desk tickets, receive assistance in using the Help Desk or obtain answers to general questions about Hazus.

Program Contacts

Eric Berman, Hazus Program Manager
E-mail: Eric.Berman@fema.dhs.gov 
Telephone: (202) 646-3427

Vince Brown, Hazus User Groups (HUGs), Private Sector
E-mail: Vincent.Brown@fema.dhs.gov%20 
Telephone: (202) 646-2725

Jordan T. Manos, Emergency Management Institute and Hazus Training and Education
Email: Jordan.Manos@fema.dhs.gov
Telephone: (301) 447-1356

Please do not contact the Program Contacts for technical assistance. Please email the Help Desk at helpdesk@support.hazus.us.


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