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FEMA’s Methodology for Estimating Potential Losses from Disasters

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Hazus Multi-Hazard (Hazus-MH) produces loss estimates based on state-of-the-art scientific and engineering knowledge and software architecture. These estimates are essential for decision-making at all levels of government, and are a basis for developing mitigation plans and policies, emergency preparedness, and response and recovery planning.

Preparedness and Response

Hazus-MH: Preparedness and Response: Lessons Learned from 2004 Hurricane Season

Hazus-MH is highly sensitive to hazard input. Priority needs to be given to procedures for obtaining the most accurate hazard data from the National Hurricane Center and other sources.

  • Priority needs to be given to pre-disaster coordination and training with Emergency Support Function personnel to ensure that Hazus-MH analyses is understood, and properly used in future disaster operations.
  • It is important to have sufficient Hazus-MH trained staff to maintain 24 hour operations.
  • There are multiple opportunities to enhance the Hazus-MH inventory with user supplied data. Priority should be given to: Shelter, Hospitals and other Essential Facilities, and Manufactured Housing.
  • Future Hazus-MH validation studies should give priority to comparing predicted damage and loss of function to essential facilities and observed damage. This will bolster confidence in the use of Hazus-MH analyses for future disaster operations.

Hazus-MH: Preparedness and Response Planning

Which essential facilities in your region may be impacted by an earthquake? Will the local hospitals be functional three days after a hurricane? What routes should emergency vehicles travel to avoid flood waters? The Hazus-MH Preparedness and Response Planning flyer can help you find the answers. Hazus-MH is a modeling tool that provides data to strengthen preparedness and response capabilities by assessing risk and forecasting losses.

Mitigation and Recovery

During the past decade, Hazus has evolved into a powerful tool for mitigation and recovery planning and analysis. Read about projects and studies where Hazus has been successfully implemented.

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