Iowa Severe Storms, Tornadoes, and Flooding (DR-1763)

Incident period: May 25, 2008 to August 13, 2008
Major Disaster Declaration declared on May 27, 2008

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February 25, 2010
News Release
Des Moines, Iowa -- When City of Ottumwa officials were dealing with debris removal in the aftermath of the historic floods of 2008, city officials applied to the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) for help with the costs. When part of the Great Western Trail in Warren County was washed out by the floods of 2008, the Warren County Conservation Board applied to FEMA for assistance in repairing the trail.
February 25, 2010
News Release
DES MOINES, Iowa -- It opened in 1928 as the RKO Iowa Theater. Katherine Hepburn performed there in 1940. In 1980, the Iowa Theater became the home of Theater Cedar Rapids. But in 2008, the Cedar River rose to 32 feet, 20 feet above flood stage, and tried to close the Iowa Theater Building for good. Like many parts of Cedar Rapids, however, the Iowa Theater Building is back…and better than ever. The Iowa Theater will re-open Friday, Feb. 26, with the stage production of “The Producers”. The black-tie event is sold out.
February 4, 2010
News Release
Des Moines, Iowa -- Officials from the National Weather Service recently stated that Iowa is at risk for significant flooding this spring after winter storms produced excessive snowfall just before Christmas of 2009 and a January 2010 ice storm. In the wake of the National Weather Service announcement, officials at the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), along with its state partners at Iowa Homeland Security and Emergency Management Division (HSEMD), are encouraging Iowans to purchase flood insurance now to protect their property from flood damage.
February 1, 2010
News Release
DES MOINES, Iowa -- The two Queen Ann style houses on Third Street, built in the 1890s, were determined eligible for listing in the National Register of Historic Places. They were also directly in the path of the EF-5 tornado that destroyed almost half of Parkersburg, Iowa on May 25, 2008. How do you replace history? You can’t and the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) and the Iowa Homeland Security and Emergency Management Division (HSEMD) know this.
January 19, 2010
News Release
Des Moines, Iowa -- After watching the town he lives in get inundated with flood waters in the historic Iowa floods of 2008, Tom Watson of Palo, Iowa knows that you can’t stop the water from flowing. But with a little ingenuity, and some good old fashioned common sense, Watson and Palo officials have come up with ways so waters from swollen streams can be diverted or siphoned off to lessen the impact of future flooding and protect the citizens and business owners of Palo.
January 14, 2010
News Release
Des Moines, Iowa -- Frank Stephen was going to take life a little more easily in 2009. He was going to retire after owning and operating Dostal Catering Service in Cedar Rapids for the last 20 years. But two things threw a monkey wrench into Stephen’s retirement hopes. The biggest wrench was called the Iowa Floods of 2008. The Cedar River, blocks from the Dostal Catering Service building, crested at record levels, swamping his business. The second thing was that Stephen didn’t have any flood insurance.


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