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Author: Public Affairs
Severe weather departsThe winter storm that impacted the eastern two-thirds of the country moved out Thursday, bringing precipitation to an end and beginning a warming trend for this weekend.As temperatures across the nation are expected to rise above freezing, there’s no better time than now to begin steps to protect your property from snowmelt flooding. Be prepared.The National Advisory Council needs you! This week we announced available opportunities to serve on the National Advisory Council.  Congress established the NAC in the Post Katrina Emergency Management Reform Act of 2006, to...
Posted On: February 11, 2011
Author: Bob Fenton
I wanted to call attention to one of Administrator Fugate's recent posts on Twitter. For those who might not know, the U.S. National Grid (USNG) is a standard that provides a nationally consistent language of location.  It breaks the United States into a series of grids, which can be used to reference an exact location on a map.For many years, the USNG has been taught and used by the military, known as the Military Grid Reference System (MGRS), and used as the preferred way to reference location and navigate from point A to point B.  MGRS is taught and used on every operational...
Posted On: February 10, 2011
Author: Paulette Aniskoff
Teaching America's youth the value of preparing before an emergency is a priority at FEMA.  A recent story in Emergency Management Magazine highlighted an exciting partnership between the Department of Homeland Security (FEMA is a component agency of DHS) and the Girl Scouts of the USA. The Girl Scout Council of the Nation's Capital worked with FEMA's Citizen Corps program to develop the Emergency Preparedness Patch Program, enabling Girl Scouts to earn the patch as they learn the value of emergency preparedness in their local community.  And since the program can be customized...
Posted On: February 9, 2011
Author: Rachel Racusen
Sound familiar? Severe winter weather is affecting much of the U.S., bringing heavy snow, cold temperatures, and gusty winds to the Central and Southern Plains.  The storm system is expected to move into the Mid-South and Tennessee Valley by Wednesday night.We’re closely monitoring the storm through our regional offices in Kansas City, MO, Denton, TX, and Atlanta, and working closely with our state partners, as well as the National Weather Service.Since the emergency declarations in Oklahoma and Missouri last week, our Incident Management Assistance Teams are embedded at the state...
Posted On: February 9, 2011
Author: Tim Manning
The coming of spring brings many simple pleasures: warming temperatures, the return of wildlife, longer days, and more opportunity to get outdoors. Unfortunately, spring often brings an increased risk of flooding in areas around the country. The rainy months of March and April, combined with melting snow packs, can cause water levels to rise in rivers and streams in many areas.The cities of Moorhead, Minnesota and Fargo, North Dakota have historically been hit hard by flooding of the Red River, especially with the activity of the last two years. With the National Weather Service calling for...
Posted On: February 9, 2011
Author: Sandra Knight
At FEMA, our top priority is the safety of the citizens and communities we serve. A central part of our commitment to protect lives and property is to ensure that people are aware of the natural hazards and risks that exist in their communities so they can take appropriate actions to safeguard their property and their lives. We are constantly encouraging communities to take steps now to protect against those natural risks, including flooding – which is both the most common and the most expensive type of natural disaster in the U.S.One of the goals of this blog - and another key priority for...
Posted On: February 8, 2011
Author: Sandra Knight
Calexico, CA, April 6, 2010 -- A magnitude7.2 earthquake rocked the city on Easter leavingmany facilities, roads, and public buildings closed.This photo shows damages at a home in the area. Back in December, Tim Manning spoke about our efforts to prepare for a catastrophic earthquake along the New Madrid seismic zone on the anniversary of the historic earthquake that struck the Midwestern U.S. in 1811.Since 2011 is the bicentennial anniversary, states across the central U.S. are recognizing February as Earthquake Awareness Month.  FEMA has teamed up with the Central U.S. Earthquake...
Posted On: February 7, 2011
Author: Christopher Jones
Here at the Center for Domestic Preparedness (CDP) we focus on delivering all-hazard preparedness training for local, tribal and state first responders. This training is timely, skill-based, and a critical investment in more resilient communities. Time and time again, we have seen cases of CDP alumni putting what they have learned with us to work – saving lives, protecting property and making our country safer for all Americans.A great example is what happened last spring in the attempted Times Square car bombing in New York City, NY. On May 1, 2010 a local vendor noticed smoke seeping from...
Posted On: February 7, 2011
Author: Public Affairs
Severe weather continuesThe worst of this week’s massive winter storm has passed, but much of the southeast is forecasted to receive a combination of snow and ice through the weekend.  As always,  we’re continuing to monitor this weather through our regional offices in Denton, Texas, and Atlanta, and are in close touch with state and local officials – especially in Dallas, where they continue to gear up for the Superbowl.   If you’re in the projected path of the storm, make sure you’re prepared for winter weather or potential power outages.  As the storm moved...
Posted On: February 4, 2011
Author: Public Affairs
Key Efforts When natural disasters, such as winter storms, strike the first responders are local emergency and public works personnel, volunteers, humanitarian organizations, and numerous private interest groups who provide emergency assistance required to protect the public's health and safety and to meet immediate human needs. Yesterday, the President announced a federal emergency declaration for all 77 counties in Oklahoma to supplement state and local response efforts in the area struck by a severe winter storm beginning on January 31, 2011 and continuing. This declaration frees up...
Posted On: February 3, 2011


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