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FEMA and seven other federal agencies developed the “Know Your Line: Be Flood Aware” initiative to improve the public’s awareness of flood risk and encourage them to take action to reduce it. The initiative helps communities showcase their local flooding history and motivate their residents to take action by posting high water mark signs in prominent places to show how high flood waters have risen in the past.

Communities are encouraged to hold a high profile event to announce the initiative, followed by supporting outreach to remind residents of their flood risk over time and prompt them to take steps to reduce it.

Flexible Tools and Materials

FEMA and its partners developed tools, templates, and other materials that communities can customize to launch their own Know Your Line initiative. This flexibility allows communities to choose materials and outreach tactics that work best for them.

Benefits of Community Participation

Communities that launch their own Know Your Line initiative:

  • Underscore their commitment to the well-being of residents and the local business community
  • Galvanize their community to take steps now to reduce the often devastating impact of floods
  • Can receive Community Rating System Rating (CRS) points to reduce the cost of flood insurance
  • Can put existing applicable Federal and state mitigation assistance funds to work

Participating Federal Agencies

  • FEMA
  • National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
  • National Park Service
  • U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
  • U.S. Department of Agriculture, Natural Resources Conservation Service
  • U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development
  • U.S. Geological Survey
  • U.S. Small Business Administration
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