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The IPAWS Technical Support Services Facility

The IPAWS Technical Support Services Facility (TSSF, formerly known as the IPAWS Lab) is staffed 24/7/365 with subject-matter experts experienced in emergency management, public safety communications, public works, and broadcasting, who assist Alerting Authorities with IPAWS needs.

Large conference room, where a training class is being conducted
The facility is equipped to provide technical support with IPAWS activations, alert troubleshooting, WEA tests, monthly proficiency demonstrations, and other IPAWS-related requests.

Additionally, The TSSF hosts a closed, end-to-end, IPAWS environment for alert creation and dissemination to all IPAWS pathways including the Emergency Alert System, Wireless Emergency Alerts, Non-Weather Emergency Messages and IPAWS All-Hazards Information Feed so that Alerting Authorities may train, practice, and exercise alert, warning, and notification procedures and processes.

Workstations for the IPAWS TSSF staff, complete with EAS equipment and alert origination software
Located close to Washington, D.C, at the National Harbor in Oxon Hill, MD, the TSSF includes state-of-the-art interactive conference and seminar spaces to support Alerting Authorities on-site and virtually with seminars, training initiatives, and exercises.
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The IPAWS Office encourages and supports practicing and exercising IPAWS through the TSSF, enabling public safety officials to gain confidence using IPAWS.

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For more information, send an email to the IPAWS Technical Support Services Facility or call, toll-free, 1-84-IPAWSLAB or 1-844-729-7522 24 hours a day, 7 days per week, including holidays.