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Set Up Account

Startup Guide

Begin Application

Set Up a FEMA GO Account

Get started by setting up a FEMA GO account in three easy steps:

  1. Register, renew OR confirm your account.
  2. Obtain OR Confirm Unique Entity Identifier (UEI) in
  3. Visit to create & register a new account.

Startup Guide: All Grant Programs

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The Startup Guide provides instructions for new users to register in FEMA GO, log into the system, manage their organizations, and manage pending registrations.

You can also view the Startup Guide video below.

View FEMA GO Add a Suborganization Supplemental Guide for instructions on how to add a Suborganization.

Application and Subapplication Process

Once you're set up with the FEMA GO system, view the Application Guide for instructions on how to start an application and complete the sections required.

If your program has both Applications and Subapplications, view the FEMA GO Pass-through Application and Subapplication Process User Guide for instructions on how to start and submit an application and subapplication.

For instructions on how to start and submit an application and subapplication as part of the SWIFT Current Program view the SWIFT Pass-through Application and Subapplication User Guide.

View the Grant Request Details Guide for Homeland Security Suite of Programs for instructions on how to administer grant request details such as investment activities, cost items, applying for allocated funds, and more.

Tips for Submitting an Application

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Requests for Information

View the FEMA GO External Request For Information (RFI) Training Supplement to learn how to complete a Request for Information from FEMA regarding your application.